January 27, 2022
How to improve your video on Zoom for under $50
Ryan Hayward

The basics

Here are the basics we will cover:

  • Getting better lighting
  • Upgrading your video quality
  • Composition
  • Adding overlays for that 🤯 factor

1. Getting better lighting

Lighting is the difference between looking like you're in a haunted house compared to an inviting environment. We're going to aim for inviting...

The best way to create good lighting is to face yourself against as window. Any video producer will tell you that natural lighting is the best lighting! Positioning your webcam in front of a window will add dynamic and depth to your video. It will make it feel well thought-through, organic & more importantly make others feel comfortable.

I couldn't tell you the amount of times I've felt anxious in a video meeting simply because someone's webcam looks like it's going to eat me.

2. Upgrade your video quality

I'll be honest. Typically, built-in computer webcams are not the greatest. Apple wasn't expecting us to use it 24/7 and neither were you! You might have a spend a small amount of coin here to upgrade your video quality with an external webcam or DSLR camera. But never the less, here are three ways to upgrade your video quality in your next meeting:

  • Clean your webcam ($0): Have you given your built-in computer webcam a clean recently? Chances are it has a lot of finger prints on it. Something as simple as cleaning your webcam with your t-shirt can make a HUGE difference to your video quality.
  • Invest in an external webcam ($50+): If you're really serious about video, upgrade to a proper webcam. Most connect via USB and are super simple to integrate! Our favourite is the Logitech C920. You can pick it up for around $100, but you can also find a decent one for $50!
  • Use a DSLR camera ($1000+): This is a bit pricey unless you're already into video/photography. But DAMN, do DSLR's make an impression in video meetings. Without error, every time I enter a video meeting with a DSLR people are impressed. The impression we leave is one of quality. It's the alternative to dressing nicely for a job interview. 🙂 You can connect your DSLR as a webcam using a Camlink ($300) or if you're using an eligible Canon camera, you can use the Canon EOS Webcam Utility to connect is via a USB for free!

3. Composition

I have always found it uncomfortable when someone joins a video meeting and they're hiding half way down their webcam like they're not tall enough to reach the webcam. Composition is important! Imagine attending an in-person meeting and someone is slouching half-way down their chair... looks good, hey? 😂

Here are a few basic tips to upgrade your composition;

  • Align yourself to the middle of the frame: Just keep it simple. Stay in the middle!
  • Keep your webcam aligned with your eye level: If possible, make your webcam at the same height of your eyes. It makes your participant feel they are looking directly at you, like a in-person conversation. Looking down at your webcam makes you look uninterested and bored, while looking up at your camera makes you look tiny and irrelevant.
  • Look at your webcam: I hate when people look at their screen that's facing the other direction than the camera. I can't tell if they're present in the meeting or if they're scrolling Facebook. Give your participants your energy simply by looking more at the camera.

4. Adding overlays for that 🤯 factor

We come from a livestreaming background, so we know how powerful this it! We make our video meetings personalized with Mooze. Here are a few key features that make our meetings memorable;

  • Custom overlays: Leave a lasting impression in your next meeting by adding a customoverlay that match your brand.
  • Whiteboard: You can brainstorm & share ideas right inside your video feed! This is super great for visually sharing your thoughts.
  • Super Reactions: Emote your reactions with big funky emojis!

Mooze is free to try for your next video meeting. TRY NOW. 👏

Let's wrap up

Upgrading your video meetings is quick and cheap. But it's still rare to find people doing these simple things! Upgrading your video meetings in 2021 is the best way to leave a good impression and ultimately, build trust with who you're speaking to.

Go have some fun and crush some more deals with these hacks!

Personalize your video meetings with Mooze.
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