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Frequently Asked Questions
How does Mooze work?
Mooze isn't just a static graphic. Mooze is a piece of web software that you apply to a virtual camera platform. If you're not familiar with virtual cameras, don't worry. We walk you through the whole thing!Β :)
What if I want changes to my theme design?
Easy! Just shoot an email to ryan@frontrow.design and we will get it sorted for you. We’re here to support you.
How long will it take to get my theme?
After requesting a theme through the video form above, our design team will send you your new theme within 24 hours.
What platforms does Mooze work on?
Mooze works on almost every video meeting platform. Zoom, Google Meet, Discord, etc all work. As long as you can select a virtual camera from your video settings Mooze will work.

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