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Personalize your video meetings with Mooze.
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Custom overlays because your brand is everything.
A toddler running through the background isn't on brand. Mooze allows you to use a custom theme on top of your video that matches your branding.
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Built for remote business.
Mooze is here for those who pitch, present & connect with others virtually. Upgrade your video calls to leave an impression that your competition can't match.
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Our shortcuts transforms the way you host meetings with your keyboard. Share screen, reactions, change scenes - all with the speed of a tap.
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Even more tools to empower your meetings.
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QR links
Stop typing your links in a chat bar when someone can easily scan a QR code on your video.
Does something deserve your reaction? Share your emotions in real-time with emojis.
Need to brainstorm? Need to explain something visually? Our whiteboard let's you draw on screen.
Sick of losing time? Keep track of your meeting agenda with a timer you control.
Type of screen
Don't hide things in chat if you don't have to. Type what you need on top of your video.
Who doesn't love a good GIF? Play your favourite gif on top of your webcam.
What the people say
“Mooze helps us stand out and put our brand front and center. It helps us set the stage and show we are a company that values user experience.”
Gary Somerhalder
CEO, Copilot Travel

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Personalize your video meetings with Mooze.
We're a remote-first company. We care about crafting beautiful products that doesn't lose our sanity in an online world.