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Personalize your video meetings with Mooze.
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Create meetings that people remember.
Mooze allows you to personalize your video calls with custom overlays, immersive presentations, PiP screen-sharing & reactions.
Custom overlays because your brand is everything.
Leave a lasting impression in your next meeting by adding a easily customizable overlay that match your brand.
Present like you’re actually in the room.
No more switching between you and your screen. Mooze lets you regain your audience focus with immersive presentations.
Say goodbye to “can you see my screen?”
Share your screen without feeling awkward using Mooze’s picture-in-picture scenes.
Emote your
reactions. 👏😂
Does something deserve your reaction? Share your emotions in real-time with expressive emoji reactions.
Host at hyperspeed.
Our shortcuts transforms the way you host meetings with your keyboard. Share screen, react, change scenes - all with the speed of a tap.
Switch to screenshare
Emoji clap reaction 👏
Switch to main scene
Find the perfect presentation template.
Host your next memorable presentation with one of our professionally designed templates.
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Personalize your video meetings with Mooze.
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